The Biblical Theology of King David

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Retreat Description:  

David is one of the most colorful and fascinating figures in the Bible.  Whether we look to him as embodying triumph or tragedy, or both, King David was a man of such importance that Christ himself was likened to him.
This retreat will take up themes of David’s selection by God as King of Israel, his struggles with Goliath figures—both literal and figurative—during his reign, his sins and repentance, and finally his pre-figuring of Jesus Christ, the “Son of David.”

If you are struggling with God’s call, with a Goliath figure in your own life, or with the roller coaster of sin, alienation, and forgiveness, this retreat may bring you new insights into an intensely holy—and utterly human—forerunner of the Lord.

Retreat Master: Father Edward Mazich, O.S.B., is a monk of Saint Vincent Archabbey and professor of Sacred Scripture, Systematic Theology, and Biblical Languages at Saint Vincent Seminary, where he serves as rector.