All Retreats Calendar

May 29 to 31
Benedictine Spirituality
Guardians at the Doors: Discerning Hidden Blocks to the Interior Life
Retreat Master: Father Basil Burns, O.S.B.

June 12 to 14
Silent Retreat

Blessed are Those Who Mourn: Understanding Sadness and Depression in the Spiritual Life
Retreat Master: Father Basil Burns, O.S.B.

Saturday, June 27
Day of Recollection on Benedictine Spirituality

Firm in Faith: Benedictine Spirituality in a Hectic World
Retreat Master: Father Michael Antonacci, O.S.B.

July 24 to July 26
Men’s Retreat

The Hidden Message of Jesus’ Parables
Retreat Master: Father Wulfstan Clough, O.S.B.

July 31 to August 2
Charismatic Prayer Retreat

Do Whatever He Tells You
Retreat Master: Father John Mary Tompkins, O.S.B.